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White Fillings

Fillings that blend with your teeth!

When people think of tooth fillings they usually picture amalgam fillings, which have a silver colouring. Along with being unsightly, these traditional fillings also contain mercury which can be potentially toxic.

White fillings are now standard in most modern dentistry centres and they are the perfect alternative- and replacement- for amalgam fillings.

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White Fillings at LDC

The white fillings we use at Larne Dental Centre are made from organic looking materials that can help restore damaged teeth to their former glory by giving them a more natural look and feel that can last for many years.

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What are the advantages of white fillings?

Along with being non-toxic, white fillings look much more natural and can be shaped and contoured to match the appearance of your natural teeth. Plus, if you follow a regular oral health routine, white fillings can last many, many years without any issues.

Do white fillings hurt?

Some people experience some very mild sensitivity for a few days after the treatment but it normally settles down on its own in a few days. Any discomfort can be easily managed with paracetamol or ibuprofen. Happily, the majority of people experience no discomfort whatsoever.

Are white fillings 'invisible'?

Nearly! At Larne Dental Centre we use only the best quality composite materials and our highly trained dentists will shape and contour your white filling to restore your tooth to its original shape. The end result is amazing and we’re sure you’ll love the way it looks and feels!

Should I replace my metal fillings with white ones?

We recommend you replace fillings only when necessary but we understand you may want them replaced for aesthetic or health reasons. Your dentist will be happy to talk about your options with you.

Aftercare Advice

We use a local anaesthetic during the treatment to minimise any discomfort and the effects generally last for 3-4 hours. We recommend that you avoid chewing and hot drinks until the numbness wears off so you don’t do any damage to your cheeks, tongue or lips.

If you do happen to experience some sensitivity to cold, heat or pressure immediately after the procedure, remember this is fairly normal. The gums around the area we treated may also be a bit sore as well. You may find using a desensitising toothpaste helpful.

If your bite feels uneven or if you have any concerns about your new filling please give us a call.

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