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General & Family Treatments

Nothing beats a beautiful smile!

And here at Larne Dental Centre, we have a full range of treatments specially designed to give you the fresh, bright, and healthy smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Take early action

Preventative care through regular check-ups is a crucial part of our general dental treatment. By targeting potential issues before they become major problems we help you maintain excellent oral health throughout your lifetime. We also provide excellent cosmetic services to help repair any damage you may already have.

Larne Dental CentreI love coming to Larne Dental Centre. I always feel comfortable and informed about my treatments. The entire team make visiting the dentist a very pleasant time.

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Defend against decay

During your dental check-up we will:

Perform a thorough check-up of your teeth, mouth and gums- including a screening for signs of oral cancer.

Ask a few questions about your general health and whether you’ve had any problems recently.

Provide any relevant advice on diet, smoking or alcohol use which may be affecting your oral health.

Create your own dental regime- including the most effective brushing techniques.

Your appointment will end with us agreeing on the best time for your next visit and explaining what you should do if you have any problems in the meantime.

Banish bad breath

Although plaque buildup is a primary cause of bad breath, there may be other underlying factors behind the problem.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath also known as halitosis, we have a range of treatments to help knock it on the head.

Regular maintenance is key

Everyone’s teeth are different but at Larne Dental Cetnre we believe in looking after the foundations. Once we’ve had a chance to assess your oral health, your hygienist can make recommendations as to how many visits per year is best for you.

Continuous Care

By joining our Larne Dental Centre Membership Plan you can take amazing care of your teeth whilst making the most of your money. You can ask a member of our team for membership details.

A complete range of

General & Family Treatments

We use special care and dedication for each and every one of our treatments- from simple cleanings to the most sophisticated cosmetic dentistry.

We have the experience and specialist knowledge to provide the right treatment for your individual needs, including:

Hygiene treatmentsincluding Direct Access Hygiene, maintenance, air polish and stain removal

Mini Smile Makeover Centreunique to Larne Dental Centre and it includes high impact contouring and whitening at a low price

Facial & skin aestheticsincluding wrinkle softening treatments, micro-needling, sunekos, peels, fillers and aftercare

Aftercare for whitening, straightening (Invisalign), fillings and dentures

We offer 0% interest free credit

We believe everyone should be able to get their dream smile, that is why we happily offer MENDTA interest free finance. Making a long term investment in the quality of treatment that you purchase is one of the best decisions you can make and could save you more money further down the line. Chat to us to find out more.

A note on mouth cancer

At Larne Dental Centre we believe a thorough screening for mouth cancer is an important part of your examination.

Although mouth cancer is more common in men over the age of 40, it can affect anyone at any time. Surprisingly, it is the eleventh most common type of cancer, with almost 7,000 new cases diagnosed in the UK each year.

Regular dental check-ups are the most effective way you can make sure that any indications of mouth cancer are caught early and we make them a key part of every dental health check we carry out at Larne Dental Centre.

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How we check for warning signs

Signs of mouth cancer can include ulcers which do not heal quickly or discoloured patches of red or white tissue inside the mouth. The check-up can also involve looking at your neck and underneath the jaw.

In the UK, the number of new cases of mouth cancer has increased by more than half over the last decade. It’s a worrying statistic, but if the disease is diagnosed early, the chances of a cure are greatly improved.  

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