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Incredible results in our Mini Smile Makeover Centre!

At Larne Dental Centre we’re genuinely committed to creating the best smiles in the business. Best of all, achieving that stunning smile doesn't have to involve expensive treatments or invasive procedures.

We believe we can deliver incredible results in our Mini Smile Makeover Centre

Minimal treatment with maximum impact

When you visit our Mini Smile Makeover Centre we’ll do a full assessment and suggest to you the best way to make the most of your smile.



By adding small amounts of filling material to teeth and reshaping other areas to close gaps, shorten teeth, straighten edges and align your teeth, we can create a more even and aesthetically pleasing smile. It’s quick, easy and non-invasive and results can be simply amazing.

Why choose contouring?

Instant results. Contouring can reshape and rejuvenate your smile in hours- not over months with multiple appointments.

Cost competitive. Less invasive treatments mean less expense. Incredible results. So simple yet so very effective.

Ask a member of the Larne Dental Centre about how our Mini Smile Makeover Centre can improve your smile.

A wide range of

Cosmetic Treatments

We use special care and dedication for each and every one of our sophisticated cosmetic dentistry treatments.

We have the experience and specialist knowledge to provide the right cosmetic treatment for your individual needs, including:

A faster, simpler way to achieve your dream smile. Recent advancements in orthodontics mean everyone can benefit from straighter teeth and a better bite- no matter what your age.

We offer 0% interest free credit

We believe everyone should be able to get their dream smile, that is why we happily offer MENDTA interest free finance. Making a long term investment in the quality of treatment that you purchase is one of the best decisions you can make and could save you more money further down the line. Chat to us to find out more.

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