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Nervous Patients

We will help you feel relaxed

We understand that the thought of many dental procedures makes lots of people nervous.

Our team at Larne Dental Centre specially trained to help anxious patients relax by treating you with respect and listening to your concerns.

We also have a few proven and effective ways to help even the most nervous patients.

Kit Calm

Kit Calm is a wireless receiver, which can be attached to the dental unit. Whenever a patient feels any anxiety they press a remote control button that emits a light and sound signal.
It may sound simple, but studies have shown that Kit Calm gives our patients a feeling of empowerment and control which has a strong calming effect.

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Relative Analgesia (RA)

Relative Analgesia (RA) is the technical term for what most people know as ‘gas and air’.

RA is inhaled through a small hood placed over the nose, delivering Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).

This combination creates tingly feelings in hands and feet and pleasant feelings of warmth, wellbeing and euphoria and reduced anxiety levels.

RA is suitable for most of our patients and works well on patients with a strong gag reflex and those prone to claustrophobia or panic attacks.

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