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Children's Dentistry

It’s never too early to learn

At Larne Dental Centre we’re passionate about children’s dentistry because it’s never too early to learn how to take care of your teeth.

And we know that kids learn best in environments where they feel comfortable and relaxed and maybe having a little fun!

We’ve all heard horror stories about young children needing lots of fillings or even lost teeth because of too many sweets and fizzy drinks. Our aim is to make sure your child learns how to make good decisions and develop healthy habits for a lifetime of natural smiles.

Our friendly dentists are pros at putting your kid’s mind at ease and they’ll take the time to help them understand how the foods they eat and the drinks they drink can affect their teeth.

We have fun kids days specially for very important little people


Taking the first steps

Here are some things you can do to help your child feel relaxed about visiting the dentist

Start them early

By going to the dentist from a young age your child will learn that good dental health is a lifetime habit and nothing to be afraid of.

Keep it simple

Be positive, encouraging and honest with little ones when preparing them for a visit to the dentist but don’t overload them with details.

Positive words

Your child’s dentist will not use words like ‘injection’, ‘hurt’ or ‘pain’ as this might frighten them, so you should avoid them too!


Role-playing and ‘Pretend Visits’ can be very effective. Take turns to be the dentist and the patient and make it as fun as possible.

Stay calm

Stay calm. Your anxiety can pass to your child. Rushing for an appointment can be stressful so leave plenty of time to take things a little easier.

Trust your dentist

Our team members have lots of experience handling nervous children. We will give you tips for good oral health. Your child is in excellent hands.


Give your child lots of encouragement before the visit & positive reinforcement after. Avoid ‘bribing’ your child - especially with sweets- because it can send the wrong message

Explain the benefits

Explain why visiting the dentist is a great thing to do with loads of benefits- it can help your child feel as if it’s their choice rather than a punishment.

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